Company profile

Company profile:

Remia s.r.o. was established in 1997. Focus of activity in our company is in development and manufacturing electronics. We are experienced in built-in systems. Most of our products is installed in different kinds of industrial aplications such as machine control units, energy consumption control units, data acquisition devices, etc... Remia works mainly as a subcontractor and provide high quality technological solutions to its partners per acceptable prices. Our technologies enable price-interesting solutions.

Production programme:

Development and manufacture are oriented mostly on devices which are not accesible on market in common or are too expensive, not matching all customers expectations. There are several available categories of products /and other are simultaneously accrueing/

Kwmax (Kilowatt maximum) - energy consumption monitoring and control
Data concentrators and data converters - suitable for interconnection of wide range sensing and control systems into one entity.
Technological data acquisition and processing - decentralised data acquisition systems informing about quantity of production, energy consumption; controlling and sensing devices.
Communication devices - to implement Ethernet interface and TCP/IP protocol into machines and devices of other manufacturers.
Machines control units - microprocessor units to control wide range of machines and devices.

Service and aplications:

Installation and service of our devices.
Landis+Gyr electricity meters sale, installation and service.
Installations of frequency inverters and other devices from Schneider Electric assortment.

Typical installations where our products find their solid applications are energy consuption control systems, suitable mainly for industrial oriented companies. Systems consist of several levels. At the lowest level there are measuring elements of watched dimensions of various manufacturers – mostly electricity meters, water/gas/air-flow meters,etc,. The measuring elements should contain an impulse output which is to connect to input communication module. The module intervene basic impulse processing. These information are communicated to data concentrator which intervene collecting and archiving information. At the highest level is superior system as a software application enabling evaluation of collected data. Data concentrator is connected to PC by serial link, or is possible to connect him directly to the Ethernet link. Ethernet link connection brings a possibility to acces the watched dimensions by any PC connected to this Ethernet link using common web browser with no software installation needed.